LVM is technical in its approach to the entire application chain of paint or varnish and benefits from teams of specialists who are trained and up-to-date on the latest product developments.

Our experience with the highly demanding superyacht industry enables us to reproduce a perfect paint or varnish finish that is identical to that of origin.


Application of lacquer on any medium with matte, velvet, satin or gloss finish.

This application allows a more elegant and stylish rendering for furniture and woodwork.


Application on both new and old surfaces for furnishing and flooring.

For best results, the surface is completely stripped in order to rediscover the initial colour of the wood resulting in a diverse and varied finish.

Patina :

Manufacture and application of patina colours to obtain unique finishes upon request.

Céruse :

Application of ceruse mainly on oak with a wide choice of custom finishes.

Métallisation :

Cold metallisation of all substrates (iron, zinc, aluminium, tin, bronze, copper and brass).

that can be patinated and varnished upon request.


Manufacturing and colour research in our workshops to best meet the demand of our customers.

Superyacht parts painting

Our specialists at the Cannes workshop undertake paintwork under atmospheric control. Typically, we deal with small hardware, furniture, frames, rails and other “removable” objects on board superyachts.

The small parts are treated in the same way as the mother boat so that the final result is perfectly homogeneous.

Each brand of paint requires special preparations and modes of application (preparation, rendering, sanding etc.). Our applicators have the experience of working with all major brands such as AwlGrip, Boero, Jotun and more